Rain X Weatherbeater Wiper Blades Review

Last Updated on January 28, 2023 by Paul S.

We have just purchased the Rain X Weatherbeater Wiper blades to install on our 2019 Jeep Wrangler Sport. This change was necessary because our stock wrangler wipers were a mess after almost three years.

This review will cover our initial reaction when opening them up and how they compare initially to the stock blades and some other great info. So read on below!

Review of the blades compared to Stock Wrangler Blades

Our initial reaction to comparing these blades side by side is it appears that the Rain X blades have a lot more going on for them.

Weatherbeater Comparison to Wrangler Stock blade
Bottom is the Rain X Weatherbeater and Top is the Wrangler Stock Blade. Notice the stock blade rubber pealing off. – Photo: OffroaderX

The most noticeable difference was that the stock Wrangler blade is really simple and made of solid rubber. While the Rain x is metal and has a lot of pivots that assist in applying pressure to the blade to ensure constant contact.

Check out this photo above and you will see that for yourself.

When we installed them (read below for help on that) they do have a snug fit to the windshield and appeared to be working great. As far as how great we need some more weather to determine that and we will also report back on their life span.

Installed rain x weatherbeater wiper
After installation wiper appears to be nice and flush with the windshield – Photo: OffroaderX

They are definetly a step up from our broken OEM wipers.

We live in hot weather so if they can make it three years that would be amazing but I have my doubts.

How to install Rain X Weatherbeater Blades

First, you need to remove your existing blades. Simply find the tab location where the arm of the wiper connects to and press that down while moving the blade away from the J hook.

The installation of these blades and for the most part any blades is as easy as you get. The Jeep Wrangler wiper arms are J-hook arms, not pin arms.

There are great directions on the back of the package so be careful when you are unpackaging so that you don’t tear over them and make them unreadable!

Rain X Weatherbeater Instructions
Rain X Weatherbeater Instructions – Photo: OffroaderX

The biggest thing when installing these is to make sure you hear a click when you put the J hook arm through the wiper blade.

The J hook will slide opposite the tab of the wiper. When you start sliding into it you will eventually hear a click. This will signify that you are fully connected.

How to Pick Out the Size Wiper Blades for the Jeep Wrangler

The wiper blades for the Wrangler are easy because the windshield is rectangular in shape. There is no need to have two different size wipers, they are both the same length.

Both of the blades you order need to be 16 inches and the J hook style. If you haven’t modified your wiper arms then most likely you have the J hook style of arm. If you do happen to have pin arms most wiper blade companies provide you with a connector to allow it to fit pin arms.

Rain X Weatherbeater Wiper Blade Pin Arm
Connector piece that comes with the blades for pin arm wipers. Not needed for Wranglers typically. – Photo: OffroaderX

Choosing them on Amazon

Again be sure to choose the 16 inch style and there may be an option to choose if you only need one or two. Sometimes they come in a two pack or combo.

At the time of my order, I paid $22.34 but that price can change depending on if there are any deals or not.

Check out the most up to date price at the amazon link below.

Rain X Weatherbeater Wiper Blades – Wrap Up!

While this review is not over for the initial reaction and performance these cheap blades are doing just great and at the moment we would recommend them to anyone that is trying to save a buck.

The reason we chose these blades over some other expensive blades is that our Jeep doesn’t see too much rain, snow, or ice. Therefore we only need the blade when it rains once in a while or we hit the trail when it is muddy.

A higher performance blade may be needed for weather that is unpredictable. To see a review of other blades check out our article on the best wiper blades for the Jeep Wrangler.

As we use the blades in the weather and when we replace them we will come back to this article and update the post with our findings!

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