How to Change A Jeep Wrangler JL Cabin Air Filter

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In this short article, we will show you how to change the cabin air filter for the Jeep Wrangler JL. The process is very similar for the JK but the size of the filter is a little different. 

I had recently taken my Wrangler JL into the dealership and they mentioned that the cabin air filter needed to be replaced. I decided to do it on my own because I knew I could save a bit of money on labor. 

So read on to check out my breakdown on how to do this easy maintenance item most Jeep owners can do!

Why Replace A Cabin Air Filter? 

The cabin air filter provides filtration of the outside air into your vehicle. Now if your mechanic is always asking you to replace the air filter I would question that but it is recommended to be replaced every 15,000 miles to 30,000 miles. 

It is always recommended to check your owner’s manual for recommended changes. From the Jeep Wrangler JL owner’s manual, you should change your cabin air filter every 20,000 miles. 

If you drive offroad or in a place that has a lot of dust and pollution then you might want to check on it earlier. 

Here are the benefits of replacing your cabin air filter:

  • Pollution: it acts as a barrier to pollution outside your vehicle. When you see the smog coming out of a semi be thankful that the cabin air filter provides a bit of a buffer. It’s definitely not removing everything harmful it’s better to have one than not. 
  • Pollen Barrier: For those of us that suffer from allergens this barrier will block a lot of those from coming inside the car and irritating you during your drive. 
  • Air Conditioner & Gas: If your cabin air filter is clogged your air conditioner is going to have to work twice as hard. If your air conditioner is working twice as hard that means your alternator is working overtime which means you are using up more gas!  Not great for the pocketbook!

If you want to know a little more about cabin air filters check out our post What Does The Cabin Air Filter Do In A Car?

How To Change A Jeep Wrangler Cabin Air Filter

Here we break down how to change the air filter in a Jeep Wrangler JL. 

First, you need to find your replacement cabin air filter. Here are some common stores and the parts they have that will fit with the Wrangler JL. 


  • MicroGard Cabin Air Filter – #4122
  • WIX Cabin Air Filter – WP10371


  • STP Cabin Air Filter CAF15026P
  • STP Max Cabin Air Filter CAF15026M

K&N has a cabin air filter but it is really expensive and probably not needed. But it is washable so if you think you will keep your Jeep for a VERY long time or you drive an insane amount of miles per year then perhaps it would make sense.

Where Is The Cabin Filter In A Jeep Wrangler

Like the JK the cabin air filter for the JL is located behind the glove box. 

Jeep Wrangler Glove Box
Jeep Wrangler JL Glove Box

Here is a step by step instructions to get back there and replace the filter:

  1. Open up the glove box. 
  2. Remove any papers or documents that you have and set them on the seat. 
  3. You will see that the glove box cannot pull out any further because of the tab. But if you push that tab away from you and pull the glove box towards you it will eventually completely open up. 
Jeep Wrangler Glove Box Open
Push tab (highlighted in red) back while pulling glove box towards you
  1. Set the glove box down on the floor of the Wrangler. 
  2. Beneath the vents, you will see a plastic cap. See photo. Pinch the two tabs on the left side of this cap and pull them towards you. The right side may need to be jiggled a bit before you remove it. 
Jeep Wrangler JL Cabin Air Filter Location
Step 5.
  1. This will expose the air filter. 
Wrangler JL Cabin Air Filter Without Cap
Air Filter Exposed
  1. The air filter is blocked a bit by the side of the golf box opening. So you will have to grab it by the end and just pull it out. It will deform a bit but it will not break or lose its shape. They are really durable. 
  2. Place the new one back in the same way you took the other one out. You may need to deform it again to fit it back in but it will snap back in place. 
  3. Be sure that the airflow arrow is pointing down. 
  4. Install the air filter cap back on. This time place the right side into its location first. It may take a couple of times to get this right. 
Replacing Cap to Wrangler JL Cabin Air Filter
  1. Then snap back the two tabs into place. 
  2. Place back the glove box and push it back past the tab so that it is secure. 

You have just saved yourself a lot of money! Now go spend it on beer!

How Often To Change Jeep Air Filter?

As mentioned above it is recommended by Jeep to replace the Wrangler JLs cabin air filter every 20,000 miles. 

Check out the comparison of cabin air filters from my old one which was about 25,000 miles ago to the new one I just put in. It was time!

Cabin Air Filter Replacement for Jeep Wrangler JL
Old VS New!

While most people won’t notice any difference but it is best to do it when the time is right. 

Jeep on!

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