Will A Flat Tire Damage The Rim?

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Almost everyone I know has had a flat tire and almost everyone I know tries to get it fixed or replaced right away. If you do not, the flat tire has the potential to damage the rim of your vehicle if you drive on it.  So the answer to this is yes!

You always see people make their car go that extra mile down the road to save money on the tow truck but how much money are they going to save when the rim of the vehicle is destroyed and needs to be replaced?

Will A Flat Tire Damage the Rim if the car is parked?

The longer you allow a wheel to sit on the ground the longer you are putting your rim in danger. So the answer to this is yes a flat tire can damage the rim if the car is parked and here is why. 

The car is designed to be supported by two axles. These axles connect to your four wheels and tires. The tires keep the vehicle off the ground and distribute the weight of the vehicle to the rims. 

If the tires are completely deflated the weight of the vehicle could put all of that weight onto one edge of the rim. This may or may not cause a deflection in the rim over time but it could put undue stress on the hub and bolts because the car was not designed to take the weight like this. 

If you start driving the forces are increased and will definitely cause damage to the rims and other parts. 

Vehicle Changing Flat Tire

If you have to leave a vehicle overnight with a flat tire it’s best to leave it jacked up on the jack stand and to remove the flat tire completely.

If you are stuck on a slope and need to jack the vehicle up then check out our article on if you can jack a vehicle on a hill.

How Long Can You Ride On A Flat Tire?

It is typically not recommended to drive anywhere on a flat tire. If you are in an accident or have a flat all of a sudden on the road your thoughts should be how do I get my vehicle and myself to a safe location?  The shoulder is the best location if you can’t pull into a parking lot or a driveway. 

If you do choose to ride on a flat tire your rim may be fine for a little bit but soon your tire will start to peel off the rim of the wheel and then you may be driving metal on pavement. This is going to be costly for your vehicle. 

The answer to this question is to ride on a flat tire as long as you need to get to safety then shut it down!

Does Fix A Flat Work?

Fix a flat is going to only work if you have a slow leak or small puncture. Inspect your tire in a safe location on the side of the road or in a parking lot. It’s best to inspect it right away so the air releasing from the tire can assist you in identifying where the leak is. 

If the puncture is larger than a quarter inch then you are probably out of luck. Even if the puncture is smaller fix a flat may still not work. 

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If the puncture still has a nail or small object in it that caused the leak leave it in there when you use the fix a flat on the tire. This will help keep a seal until you can get to a tire store for tire patch or replacement. 

Flat Tire Damage the Rim – Wrap Up!

Vehicle Pulled Ove Changing Flat Tire

Everyone is trying to save money by driving on flat tires to get to the tire shop but either place a spare on your car or try to use fix a flat if it will allow you to. Driving on a flat tire could cause you more of a headache than just a flat tire!

It is always wise to carry a tire gauge, spare tire, good air compressor, fix a flat, jack and reflective road hazard signs. Also every now and then check that your spare tire has enough air. 

Remember that everyone is on their phone so if you are out on the side of the road fixing your tire many people may not even know you are there! 

Be safe!

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