Who Makes Mesa AP3 Tires?

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Mesa AP3 tires offer a great balance of performance, durability, and value. However, regarding the question of who makes Mesa AP3 I was in the shop the other day thinking about who makes these tires because for me they are relatively unknown. In this article, I have done a little research to figure out who makes them and provide a little more info on this tire!

Who Makes the Mesa AP3 Tires?

The Mesa AP3 tires can be found through Big O Tires and some other common shops.  The manufacturer of the tire is difficult to pin down. The company name the Mesa AP3s are under is TBC Neutral. Not a great company name but further digging reveals that TBC neutral stems from TBC brands which is a marketer of private brand tires that are produced in various countries and imported to the USA. What is funny the brands that are under TBC brands are Sumitomo, Multi-mile, Eldorado, Cordovan, Delta, Vanderbilt, Sailun, Crosswind, Harvest King, and Power King. 

There is a lot of info on the internet that says Mesa tires are made by Cooper Tire and Rubber Company without a mention of TBC Neutral which is really strange. So I can’t really say who actually makes them and be sure about it. I can’t even point you to a Mesa tire website. 

My thoughts are that they are created by a wide variety of manufacturers under the TBC brand’s umbrella and shipped here as a tire that may be a little cheaper due to the fact that they don’t really advertise too much. 

Characteristics of the Mesa AP3 tire

The Mesa AP3 tires are designed to offer excellent all-season performance and come with a  tread pattern that is designed with multiple sipes and grooves to provide excellent traction on wet roads and to maintain a grip on snow and ice. The tread pattern is similar to an all-terrain pattern but not as aggressive. Mesa AP3 tires also boast durability, with a reinforced shoulder area that helps prevent punctures and other forms of damage. These tires provide a comfortable ride, thanks to the special tread pattern that reduces road noise and vibration.

So this tire is a good tire for people that want something in between a road only and all terrains.  If you happen to do some light offroading once in a while or have to drive in a bit of snow then the Mesa AP3 might be a great tire for you. Not too aggressive that they make a ton of noise on the highway and have a lot better traction on the slippery stuff than your regular road tire. 

Mesa AP3 tires come in a broad range of sizes to fit almost any vehicle and are competitively priced, making them an excellent value for drivers who desire high-quality tires without breaking the bank.

From reviews over many different websites, it appears that the Mesa AP3s have a good rating. Check out the reviews from some of the top tire sellers in the country. 

Where can you find the Mesa AP3 tires?

You can find the Mesa AP3 tires at the following stores:

  • Big O Tires
  • Midas
  • Walmart
  • Tire Kingdom
  • SimpleTire.com
  • Priority Tire
  • Speedytire.com
  • Simpletire.com

Not all of these places have storefronts and some will only ship the tires to a store of your choosing or even to your house if you can install them yourself. 

Who Makes Mesa Ap3 Tires – Wrap Up!

We weren’t able to find out who actually makes the tire because the internet just doesn’t have the information available. Although some sites do say it’s Cooper there is a lot of information that would say that they do not. Just check out the Big O tire website. It says TBC Neutral. And TBC and Cooper Tires are competitors because Cooper Tires are owned by Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. 

I didn’t realize the tire industry was so confusing!  If I come across any more information regarding this I will definitely update this article but for now, we are assuming one of the brands under the TBC umbrella produces the Mesa AP3s. I have also emailed the TBC brand website so we will see if they provide a response.

Do you have any experience with Mesa AP3 tires?  Drop us a message to let us know!

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