Who Makes Falken Tires?

There are many tire manufacturers out there and even more tire names. Sometimes a tire name will have no representation of who actually makes the tires. This can be for many reasons but when you are out shopping for tires it’s good to know which company is behind the product.  Falken tires are a great brand but who makes them?

The manufacturer of Falken Tires is Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. 

Sumitomo Rubber Industries has been producing Falken Tires since 1983 and has grown a reputation for innovative and high-performing tire designs for all types of cars, trucks, SUVs, and other motorsport vehicles. 

Sumitomo Rubber Industries is a Japanese company. They are headquartered in Kobe, Japan. It was founded in 1909 and has since become one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers. So it is safe to say that they know their stuff about rubber!  They even manufacture other rubber products for sporting goods, medical equipment, and even industrial materials. 

Where Are Sumitomo Tires Made?

So one question a lot of people have is, is my product made in the USA? And even though Sumitomo is a Japanese Company they manufacture a lot of products in the USA. 

Their plant is located in Tonawanda, NY which is a suburb of Buffalo, NY. And from their website they mention that they produce over 4 million tires annually!

But did you know that Sumitomo acquired Dunlop Tire Corporation in 1986? Dunlop wasn’t an American Brand either, it was actually British. But it has now changed hands to Goodyear at least in some of the tires it manufactures. Sumitomo still owns the Dunlop Motorcycle tire brand in North America. This all sounds like a very bad soap opera about tires. 

Are Sumitomo Tires Good Quality?

Sumitomo Rubber Industries has a reputation in the industry for producing high-quality tires, including those under the Falken brand. Falken tires are known for their performance and innovative design, and they have received positive reviews from customers and industry experts from around the world.

Sumitomo Rubber Industries uses advanced technology and materials in its tire manufacturing process, and the company has a strong commitment to quality and safety. Sumitomo Rubber Industries also conducts extensive research and development to ensure that it’s tires meet the demands of modern drivers and vehicles.

What Is The Best Sumitomo Tire?

Overall, Sumitomo Rubber Industries is considered to be a reputable and reliable tire manufacturer, and its Falken brand is well-regarded for its quality and performance. However, as with any tire brand, the quality, performance, or how long a tire lasts will vary depending on factors such as tire type, vehicle type, and driving conditions. It is always important to carefully research and consider the specific tire model before making a purchase.

Sumitomo Rubber Industries produces several tire brands, each with its own unique characteristics and target markets. Here is a ranking of Sumitomo tire brands from top quality to least quality, based on industry expertise and customer reviews:

WildPeak Falken Tire
  1. Falken – Falken is a premium tire brand that is known for its innovative design, advanced technology, and high-performance capabilities. Falken tires are popular among drivers who want a combination of performance and style, and they are often used in sports cars and other high-performance vehicles.
  2. Sumitomo – Sumitomo is a mid-range tire brand that is known for its durability, reliability, and affordability. Sumitomo tires are often used in passenger cars and light trucks, and they are a popular choice for drivers who want a balance of performance and value.
  3. Ohtsu – Ohtsu is a budget tire brand that is designed to offer good quality at a lower price point. Ohtsu tires are often used in economy cars and small trucks, and they are a popular choice for drivers who want a basic tire that gets the job done.

It is important to note that this ranking is based on general industry feedback and should be taken as a general guide. The specific tire model, size, and intended use can all impact the quality of a Sumitomo tire. As with any tire purchase, it is always best to research and compare specific models before making a decision.

Who Makes Falken Tires?

Falken Tire

So there you have it on who makes Falken Tires!  It is a Japanese brand but they are made in the USA. 

If you are thinking about them then understand you are choosing a great brand with a lot of history and ummm baggage. Poor Dunlop!

Actually, I just purchased a set of Falken Wildpeak A/T3s and they are currently on my Jeep Wrangler! They look amazing on and give the Wrangler a bit more of a rugged look and they are actually not too loud. Not even my wife complained about extra noise. I haven’t noticed any drop in mpg but I also stayed the same size as the stock tire so that could explain a lot.

Do you have a favorite brand of tire or have you purchased some Falkens?  Leave a remark below to help other readers out!

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