What is the Jeep Duck Thing?

Last Updated on March 3, 2023 by Paul S.

Jeep Duck
My Wrangler with its first duck

Have you ever been ducked in your Jeep?  Don’t worry you probably will in your future as long as you keep your Wrangler around for a little bit and park it in public places a lot.

 So what is this Jeep duck thing?

The Jeep duck thing is another way for Jeep owners to say hi to each other and spread some good vibe by placing a small plastic duck somewhere on a stranger’s Jeep.  That is really it!

There is the Jeep wave and now there is the Jeep Duck thing and its popularity is growing! 

Duck Duck Jeep Game Rules

The rumor is that this phenomenon was created by some people during Covid times to spread a little cheer onto other people.  So, I wouldn’t say there are rules you have to follow but here is a quack (sorry) tutorial on how to get in on the action.

  1. Purchase some ducks.  It doesn’t matter what size shape or color.  But the most important thing is it will be noticeable on someone’s Jeep.  Some people also buy tags to write positive messages on them or you can write a message on the duck itself.  That is how I got ducked.  I eventually ended up passing it on to another Jeep at a trailhead I bike at a lot.
  2. When you are going somewhere like a trailhead or even a mall parking lot.  Keep your eyes peeled for a Wrangler.  Now I have only seen this trend for Wranglers, but I don’t see why it can’t spread to other Jeeps and maybe it has!
  3. When you find a Jeep, make sure the owner isn’t around and place it on the fender, door handles, side view mirrors, or anywhere that will be noticeable to the driver. 
  4. Now walk away satisfied that you have brightened up someone’s day! 
  5. If you get ducked, you can add it to your collection of ducks or just duck someone else another day.

Since we are just having fun a lot of people get creative with their ducking and have added all kinds of crazy things to the ducks. 

Check out some of the ducks and their locations on Instagram by looking up #jeepducking.  There you will get a good feel for what is going on and see the creativity out there.

How to Get Ducked?

While there is no certain way to get ducked, odds are better if you are taking your Jeep out to the trails or state or national parks.  When Wrangler owners are out and about either taking their rig out on the trail or doing some hiking or biking they tend to do the Jeep wave more so I think those places are the best places to be ducked.  As you head into the Cities, Jeep owners there, tend to not understand the culture of being a Jeep owner.

But if you are going to the mall or a store and you see a Jeep it doesn’t hurt to park next to one because you never know if they are Jeep duckers.

Where to Get Jeep ducks?

The Jeep ducks can be found in many stores but the easiest is probably Walmart and Amazon.  Check out these links to find them on Amazon.  With the larger number of ducks at the link you below you could probably Duck Jeeps all year!

Or check this website out:  squeakyducks.com  They have a ton of ducks to choose from.

However many you get, I hope the Jeep duck thing sticks around for a while because it is a great way to send positive messages to people and bring smiles to other Jeepers!

Duck duck Jeep!  Your it!

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