Tool Box For the Ford F150 Short Bed – Review!

Last Updated on March 6, 2023 by Paul S.

Storage for your tools or camping gear in your Ford F150 is hard to come by! On one hand, you want to secure it in your cab but on the other, you need that room for passengers. 

Tool boxes in the bed of the F150 are a great way to save a lot of space in your cab while still keeping them secure.

If you don’t have a lot of time to read this article, we have provided the top pick of our list after doing a ton of research on the web, spec sheets, and product websites.

Our favorite tool box for the Ford F150 Short bed is the Undercover SwingCase storage box!  It can hold 75 lbs of cargo, it locks in place over the wheel well, and easily swings toward you for access without getting into the bed of the truck!  Click the link above to see more photos and reviews.

If you do have a couple of minutes scroll down to determine which tool box is best for you and your F150!

Reviews – Tool Boxes for Ford 150 Short Bed

Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage

The swing case is one of the best ideas in the storage game.  It can hold 75 lbs of cargo and can swing from its lock position to the tailgate for easy access.  You don’t even have to climb on top of the truck bed to get to it!  Very Convenient!

Here are some awesome facts about this box!

  • It will work with all tonneau covers
  • Swings out 180 degrees from its locked position over the wheel well to the tailgate for easy access
  • Key lockable lid
  • Can hold up to 75 lbs of cargo
  • The lid comes with a moisture seal to keep your items dry and protected against mother nature
  • Can be removed if you need to load the bed up with other items
  • This is perfect for the Ford F-150 2015-2020
    • You can select if you want to have it on the driver’s side or passenger side or both!
  • This box could come in handy for people that don’t want to keep climbing up into the truck bed to get tools.


  • The box is made out of plastic which could turn some people away from the product if you want to spend more on a metal solution.
  • For trucks with bed rugs you will have to cut slots in the rug for installation
  • One of the smaller solutions but it is so damn efficient so we made it our top pick!

TruXedo TL – TonneauMate

The Truxedo tool box is made of a tough plastic that connects to your truck bedside rails or cargo rails and comes with a lock and key mechanism.  If you pair this with a truck bed cover your items in the box should be quite secure.

Here is some more great info on the tool box:

  • Can hold up to 200 lbs of cargo
  • Comes with a lock and key mechanism on top of the tool box
  • Can fit the following F150s:
    • 1997-2011 Ford F-150
    •  2013-2021 Ford F-150
    • 1997-2009 Ford F-150 Styleside
  • Comes with a 2 year no hassle guarantee
  • Made in the USA
  • Sits low so it does not interfere with a bed cover
  • There were some reviews that mentioned it was a very easy install


  • For the Ford 150 2008-2013 with the track system, it will need an additional clamp kit to install it. Here it is on Amazon:  Truxedo Clamp Kit
  • The most expensive item on this list.  See the link to get the current price.

Arksen  Heavy Duty Aluminum Lock Storage

The Aksen lock storage box is made out of an aluminum 5 bar tread pattern that helps it avoid corrosion while sitting in your truck bed.  The largest option is 49 inches x 15 inches X 15 inches to fit all of your tools and camping gear.  It also has a built in lock to secure all of your items.

Some more features of this box are:

  • 4 total lengths are available:
    • 30 inch
    • 33 inch
    • 39 inch
    • 49 inch
  • Comes with a lock and key
  • Built in handles make it easy to move from your bed to the garage
  • One of the larger solutions on this list!


  • There was a review that mentioned the aluminum is thin and at the same time mentioned that the box is cheaper than what you normally pay for one of these boxes and it does the job.  If you want a top quality tool box then you will pay 3 to 4 times the amount.
  • This box does not have any easy connection points for the truck but it can be strapped down using the handles and some strapping.  

Dee ZEE Plastic Poly Utility Chest

This Plastic storage tool box is made by Dee Zee and its dimensions are 36 inches x 14 inches x 14 inches.  It has molded locking tabs to place a lock of your own on it to secure your valuables. 

There are also two cup holders on top of the lid as well as two recessed trays to hold any smaller items temporarily.  

Here are some other facts about this tool box:

  • The molded gasket around the lid helps prevent the rain from getting in!
  • Constructed out of lightweight plastic with a double walled lid 
  • Will not interfere with most bed covers
  • You can install two locks on the lid for max security
  • There were reviews that mention it does stay dry during a rain event


  • The cup holders and the recessed trays will hold water after rain.
  • It does not have an attachment system for the box to the bed of your truck.  Bungie cords and straps would have to be used.  

BAK BAKbox 2 fold-away

This box by Bak will fit your 2015-2020 Ford F-150s but requires a BAK industries tonneau cover to connect to its rails.  The box is made out of FRP which stands for fiber reinforced polymer and it is lockable. 

  • One year warranty from structural defects in material and workmanship
  • Made in the USA
  • Does not interfere with your bed cover
  • Easy installation as long as you have the BAK tonneau cover no drilling or screws required


  • Since it is made out of FRP it is not considered heavy duty.  The good thing is that it sits under the bed cover so it shouldn’t take much of a beating.  Some reviewers recommended not loading it up to 200 lbs but using it for lighter stored items.
  • It is an expensive item but great for an easy storage solution with the BAK tonneau cover.  You can find the cover on Amazon here:  BAK Tonneau Cover


These tool boxes are great and help keep the bed of your truck organized and secure while also keeping the cab of your truck available for passengers.

Our favorite tool box for the Ford F150 Short bed is the Undercover SwingCase storage box!  Here are our reasons why we love it:

  • The clever design allows you to access your stored goods from the ground without having to climb into the bed of the truck. 
  • It can hold 75 lbs of cargo.  Adding another one to the other side of your bed allows you to have a total of 150 lbs.
  • The lid is lockable to secure your goods from theft
  • It is connected to the side of your truck and when not in use locks in place above the wheel well.  This ensures you don’t have things sliding around the bed while driving around!

Click the link below to go to Amazon and learn more about the product.

Get more out of your trips now that you have your stuff secured in your Ford F150!