How To Travel With A Dog In A Truck?

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Traveling with a dog in a truck at first seems to be way easier than traveling with a dog in a car. But some of the same issues can arise.

If you decide to keep your dogs in the cab with you, they can be a distraction and you will need to keep them safe with a restraint. If you keep them in the truck bed then they can jump out, sadly I have witnessed a few dogs on the highway due to this. 

This article will quickly cover some helpful tips on how to travel with a dog in a truck and more!

How To Travel with a Dog In A Truck?

Let’s break this topic up into two sections.  The first is traveling with a dog in the cab of your truck and the second section is going to be traveling with them in the truck bed. 

While both are options we definitely recommend traveling with your dog in the cab of your truck. No one likes to be in the back of a truck while going down the highway so I am sure your pup feels the same way too! 

How to Transport a Dog In A Truck Bed?

The bed of your truck is definitely the best way to keep your eyes on the road and is probably the safest option for you.  But it probably is hell for your dog. Imagine hurtling down the road at 75 mph and you have no idea where you are going. If you are a dog you are probably thinking that you are going to that place where they stick you with needles and force you to swallow bitter bad tasting water(medicine) or AKA the vet. 

If you absolutely have to put your dog in your truck bed then restraint is our keyword for this section!

It’s not a restraint for you but for your dog. Riding in the truck bed is hectic for your dog and they aren’t the best problem solvers. When riding in the bed they are likely thinking how do I stop this madness. The easiest way is to jump out which can be deadly. 

Truck Anchor For Dog
Truck Bed Anchor For Dog Restraint

Restraining is the best way to keep them from harming themselves and from moving too much during an accident. You could leash them up to an anchor in the bed but the best solution is to probably crate them with their favorite doggy bed and then connect that crate to two anchors to ensure that it stays in place. Placing the crate tight against the back of the cab is best so that upon impact during a crash, there isn’t too much acceleration.

Driving With A Dog In Truck Cab

By placing your dog alongside you in the cab you have increased their calmness compared to the bed but have also decreased your attention to driving. 

Your dog wants your attention always so they will get that whether at home or while driving down a road in a snow storm. This is why we recommend placing your dog in the back seat and connecting them to a headrest restraint or a doggy seat belt. 

If you absolutely want them to wander free in the back then you could get a net to separate them from you if they are a climber and always want to sit in your lap. 

The worst place is to have them sitting on your lap while you are driving. If you hit the brakes and they go flying to your feet it will be chaos trying to drive yourself out of a tricky situation. You need your pedals free and clear from any objects. 

It is safest if you are apart from your pup for you and them!

How to Keep My Dog From Getting Car Sick?

Some helpful tips for keeping a dog from getting car sick are the following:

Get Them familiar with Their Surroundings

If your dog doesn’t travel much in a truck then get them familiar with that truck. You can start by having them sit in there with you and put them in the blanket/dog cover and position they will be in when you start to take them on trips.  Strap them in and do that a couple of times a week. 

Then you can start to do longer rides and eventually start road tripping. Don’t start out by doing a long road trip with them. It isn’t going to be pleasant for either of you. 

No Food Before Traveling

Avoiding food before your favorite roller coaster is good for humans so think of a car ride as a dog roller coaster! It will not only help in reducing nausea but also reduces bathroom accidents or bathroom breaks.

Control The Environment

If you keep your dog inside the truck with you then be sure that they have the ac or heat on them to keep them cool.  Unfortunately, they can’t tell you there is no AC on so checking that before you leave is paramount. 

To make their surroundings a little more familiar you can bring their favorite toy along for the ride. This will provide them with some familiarity and the smells of home. 


When you are getting them familiar with your truck remember to give them treats after each session. This will reinforce that the truck isn’t necessarily a bad place and that at the end there is a reward. This will allow them to relax and focus on the goal to GET THAT TREAT!

Talk To Your Vet

If you are still having issues with issues while traveling with your dog in your truck then talk to your vet. They will be able to prescribe anti-nausea or even anti-anxiety medication. Some dog breeds are big time worriers so the anti-anxiety meds can help calm them which can lead to less nausea while traveling. 

Best Dogs For Road Trips

Traveling with your dog in a truck is the best, not only because you have your best friend with you but also because you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a doggy hotel. 

If you are still looking for a dog here are some top breeds if you are a big road tripper. 

Labrador Retriever in A Truck
Lab in A Truck

Labrador Retriever, These dogs are one of the top breeds for a reason. They love to explore and going on road trips will offer them tons of opportunities to do that. 

Chihuahua, Smaller than some purses these dogs can fit anywhere in your truck and may be a great choice if you absolutely want a dog to sit shotgun with you!

English Bulldog, These dogs are super chill and just want to hang out. The only problem with them will be getting in and out of the truck and slobber. So make sure to bring their favorite blanket and use a dog cover to protect your vehicle. Check out our review of dog covers for your truck to find the best one for your needs. 

Maltese, Another super chill dog that is easy to carry and loves road trips. My aunt had one that even loved riding in a bicycle basket!

Here are some other breeds from that will be great for your truck! 

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