How To Store Jeep Doors

Last Updated on February 24, 2023 by Paul S.

Taking the doors off your Jeep Wrangler is relatively easy and one of the best features of your Wrangler! But how to store them?  You need to ensure that your Jeep doors are stored somewhere safe so that you don’t chip and scratch the paint more than you do on the trail!

Leaning them against the wall on the floor of the garage seems like a recipe for disaster.  You could chip a lot of paint off or even break a window or side view mirror.

There are two popular options when it comes to storing Jeep Wrangler doors in the garage. Perhaps the most effective is to simply hang them on a wall with a bracket that can safely support their weight. This makes it easy to keep your doors away from anything that could happen to them. 

The second way is to use a floor stand that can hold your doors just above the floor.

In this article, we have reviewed the web to come up with two great solutions to storing your doors while you go rip it up on the trail!  Read on below.

At the end, we also have a DIY solution for all you construction capable Jeepers!

Jeep Door Hangers

Steel/aluminum Brackets:  These brackets don’t take up too much space on your wall but when the doors are hanging on them you will need a lot of extra wall space.  They will typically hang by the top of the window frame.    

To save space you could hang two doors over the other set of doors so that you save space length wise, but you will need a lot of wall height.   

For your reference the Wrangler JLs Jeep doors are the following:

  • JLU: Front 45.5 inches high x 37.5 inches wide Rear: are 30 inches wide
  • JL:  Doors are the same dimensions as the JLU Front.

Ensure that the channels where your window frame will sit have some type of protectant for your frame’s paint. 

Because the front doors weigh 47 lbs and the rear doors weigh 34 lbs you will want to mount them on a stud and not just rely on the drywall for support. 

Below are two of the top-rated Jeep Wrangler Door brackets on Amazon.  Click on the link to see more photos of the product and how they could look on your garage wall.

Arc Offroad Door Hanger Bracket

Luminex Heavy Duty Door Hanger Bracket

These are a much cheaper option than the floor stand below.

Jeep Door Storage Floor Stand

Another option is to use floor stands, which allow you to easily roll your doors around when needed but also tuck them away neatly when not in use.  This is great if you have a big garage and have the space to store them until you are ready to put them back on.

These floor stands allow you to insert your door hinges into a receiver installed on the stand so that your door hangs similarly to how it would on your Jeep.

Your half doors will also work on this stand so you can swap your half and full doors out depending on the season. 

When you are looking for this option ensure that the stand wheels lock and that there is padding on the opposite side of the hinge.  The padding is necessary so that in case your door swings over and hits it, it will not scrape any paint off.  Of course, if you wheel your Jeep, you probably won’t be too worried about a little scrape here or there!

Here are two great options for a Jeep floor stand:

Hooke Road Door Hanger Storage Rack

Tioyar Car Door Hanger Storage Rack

Jeep Door Hangers DIY

This is all for the DIYers out there!  This great solution comes a user named rah on the JK-forum website.  It is simple and easy to install. Check out his build here:

Here is his part list:

  • 4 – Jumbo Hook arm hangers
  • 6 – 3/8 x 3 lag bolts
  • 6 – 3/8 fender washers
  • 8 – ¼ x 2 lag bolts
  • 1 – 55 inch long 2 x 12 piece of lumber

Check out the drawings he made at the link above.  This person went all out to help you!

How To Store Jeep Doors – Conclusion

I will say that once you take your doors off it is hard to want to put them on again because it is so fun with them off.  Even driving around town running errands is a little more fun!

Our top pick of the list above is going to be the Lumenix Heavy Duty Door Hanger Bracket because of the cool design, rubber protection pad that comes with it, and the black powder coating finish.

We like this option over the floor stand because it can save you a lot of garage floor space and it is a lot cheaper so you can spend more money on modifying your Jeep in other areas! 

Read on if you have never taken your doors off or need hints to make it easier!

How To Take The Doors Off A Jeep Wrangler

I wanted to put this at the end of the article for people that have never taken their Jeep Wrangler doors off.  Here is a step-by-step tutorial with photos to help you get them off without any issues!

These steps are for the Jeep Wrangler JL. We have also included some photos to assist with the steps. They pick up at step 3.

Step 1: Fold Down The Side Mirrors

Fold in the side mirrors so that when you take them off you are as slim as possible, and nothing is sticking out.

It also protects your mirrors from getting hit by anything.

Step 2: Roll Down The Windows

The first thing this does is avoids any damage that could occur to the glass.  Rolling it down tucks it away and protects it from our clumsy mistakes!  While in storage it also avoids any mistakes that could happen by swinging tools around the garage.

The second thing it does is it allows you to be able to grab the upper part of the window frame for transporting it to your storage location.  With the window up there isn’t a great area to grab and the front doors weigh 47 lbs so that could be akward for some people. 

The best way to grab it would be to keep your arm tucked to your body and your forearm at the up position with your palm flat.  That way you can rest the door on your shoulder and palm while you take it to the storage location.

Step 3: Remove The Panel At Your Feet

There is a removable panel where the strap and electrical wires come from.  You will need to remove that by sticking your fingers in the hole and pulling out towards you.  Take your time with it so you don’t break any tabs on it.  It will come free and then you will have a better understanding of how to take them off. 

It comes attached to the rest of the paneling so you can let it drop to the floor.  On the driver’s side be sure to reattach when you have completed removing the door so that you avoid stepping on it while driving.

Step 4:  Unplug The Electronic Plug That Controls Your Window, Lock And Sensors

You will lift up the white lever and then with two hands pull down on the bottom part of the connector and hold the top part while pressing in the red lever. Do not pull the top part down as this could cause some issues.

Step 5:  Remove The Black Nylon Strap That Connects The Wrangler Door to The Vehicle And Houses The Electronic Wires

Self-explanatory but you will be unhooking it from the vehicle side not the door side!

Step 6:  Remove The Bolt From The Swing Arm

After removing the bolt from the swing arm place the bolt in the trunk at the bolt storage center.  You do not want to play “where the heck did I place that bolt” when you need to put your doors back on!

Now please be aware that your door can swing freely and does not have a guide or restraints.  I have never fully tried to see if the door would smack the front tire wells but I am sure it is a possibility.

Step 7:  Remove The Bolts From The Door Hinges

Remove these bolts and again right away place them in the bolt storage center in the back of the Wrangler. 

Step 8:  Lift Doors Off

Lift the doors off and then pull them away from the Wrangler.  For your first time, it may benefit to have someone with you if the doors appear to be heavy.  Someone can lift and someone can ensure you don’t knock back into the body of the vehicle and start peeling paint!

Step 9:  Store The Doors In One Of The Locations Mentioned Above!

Step 10:  Placing The Doors Back On. 

Just reverse the order you took them off but I would recommend that when you initially put the door back on the hinge place the strap on the hook  (#4) so that you have some control of the door swing and then bolt back on the door swing arm (#5).  

Then you can start back on #6 and work your way back up the list!

Before you take your doors off you will need to understand that each state has different laws about side mirrors. Read up on one of our previous articles that discuss it. Click here: Jeep Door Laws By State

If you do need side mirrors then check out one of our articles that provides reviews for two side mirrors: Cheap Upgrades For The Jeep Wrangler