Dog Cover For Truck – Reviews!

Last Updated on April 7, 2023 by Paul S.

Taking along your furry best friend for a ride in your truck shouldn’t cause your truck to get damaged. Using a dog cover on the inside of the truck is one of the easiest ways to protect it. 

Dog covers not only protect the leather or fabric of your truck, but it also keeps your truck looking like new and avoids stains from pet messes. Another great thing is that it can stop hair from accumulating in the cracks and crevices of the car seats.

In this article, we review some of the dog seat covers that are great for protecting your truck. We have researched many different products to ensure they can fit with a truck. Then we verify that they have great reviews and can hold up to the beating your dog will give it. We do all this to save you time in your research and to provide a very narrow focus of competitive products to make your life easier and save you time. 

To save you even more time we have provided the top cover for you at the top here so you don’t have to continue reading if you don’t have time. It is the URPOWER dog seat cover.  It made the top because it is a number 1 best seller and has tons of great reviews.  It also has great fitment reports from truck owners of some of the top-selling trucks.  Click the link below to check out some of the ratings and reviews. 

If you do have a little time check out some of the other products below that will keep you, your dog, and your truck happy!

Dog Cover For Truck For Back Seat

These options below are great for your back seat of the truck. The back seat gives your dog the most room to spread out and it gives you some space to focus on the road. If you have a larger dog the back seat might be best for long trips!

Honest Luxury Quilted Dog Car Seat Covers

This Honest Outfitters X-large dog seat cover is great for many of the large trucks out there. It has great reviews and is made out of 600D Oxford Cloth and an anti-slip PVC. 

This is the hammock style of dog cover so it will protect all sides of the back seat of your truck.  

From personal reviews it fits the following trucks:

  • Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD
  • Chevy Colorado
  • Dodge Ram 1500
  • Ford F150/350
  • Toyota Tundra

iBuddy Bench Car Seat Cover

The iBuddy bench car seat measures in at 60 inches x 50 inches and is designed for full-size trucks.  It is made out of 600D Oxford fabric and uses a silicone bottom to keep it from slipping around. 

Here are some trucks that reviewers have said it fits with:

  • Ford F-450 King Ranch
  • Ford F150
  • Ford F250
  • Dodge 2500 Crew Cab
  • Chevy Colorado
  • Dodge Ram 1500

The trucks listed above are only some of the trucks it can fit. 

Ensure that if you order one for your truck that you select the truck size and not the regular size. 

Vailge Bench Dog Seat Cover

This bench dog seat is specifically made to protect the seat and back of a bench seat. It is made from 600D oxford material which makes it more durable than regular material.  There are two straps for the headrests and two anchors that can be wedged between the seat and the backing to help secure its location.  

Here are some trucks that reviewers have said it fits with:

  • Ford F150
  • Dodge Ram 2500 
  • Chevy Colorado
  • Dodge Ram 1500

The trucks listed above are only some of the trucks it can fit. 

When ordering this product for a truck ensure that you have selected the X-large for proper fitment. 

Dimensions for the cover are 80 inches x 51.5 inches.  This includes the dimension for the side flaps otherwise the dimensions are 60.4 inches x 44.5 inches. 

Does not cover all four sides like the Hammock systems

Meginc Truck Dog Seat Cover for F160 and Ram 1500

This truck dog seat cover is specifically for the F150/250/450 and Ram 1500/2500 but from reviews, it has fit other trucks as well. 

The cover is made from 600D oxford cloth material. 600D is a heavyweight polyester fabric that is great for durability. It can typically be found on workwear, backpacks, and tents. 

There is a mesh where the cover comes up to the front center console to provide better air circulation from the vents and allows the dog a window to see upfront if they are a smaller breed. 

Check out the link to see great photos by previous purchasers of the product. 

It measures 61 inches long x 60 inches wide. 

URPOWER Dog Seat Cover

This is a hammock style dog seat cover that is made out of 600D material that will be great for protecting your truck. 

It has an amazing amount of user ratings with great reviews.  This means that this product has been tested and withstood the beating its users have given it.  

Trucks that it fits from previous customer’s reviews:

  • Dodge Ram 1500
  • Toyota Tundra
  • Toyota Tacoma
  • Ford F150
  • Chevy Silverado
  • Jeep Gladiator

The trucks listed above are only some of the trucks it can fit. 

Verify that you choose the XL size for your truck for proper fitment. 

Passenger Seat Cover For Dogs

If you like your best friend sitting shotgun with you then here is a list of dog covers for front passenger seat. We cover some basic covers all the way to comfortable pet boosters. Either style will help protect your truck from your innocent pup!

Honest Outfitters Dog Cover

This budget friendly dog cover for your truck by Honest Outfitters is an easy solution to protect your seats. 

It comes with buckle straps, a seat anchor, and a seat strap to ensure that it stays in place while your pet enjoys his ride. There are side flaps that help increase the protection for around the chair. It is machine washable and can pack down for storage when not in use. 

AsFrost Dog Seat Cover

These dog sear covers are great for your truck for two things. It is an easy slip-on cover that quickly covers your seat with no frills and it comes with two covers.  If you need a cover for two vehicles then this offers great value. 

The cover is black, quilted, and has great reviews from users. To keep it in place there is a strap for the headrest, a strap that goes around the back of the seat, and a strap that anchors in between the back and the seat cushion. 

Dog Car Seat Pet Booster 

This pet seat is excellent for small and medium-sized dogs under 40 lbs. The booster can easily be taken out of the seat and stowed away and the cover can be machine washed. 

The best part your dog will love is that it has 12 inch sides that they can rest their head or snuggle into. 

Amazon Basics Pet Car Booster Bucket Seat

This car booster seat will not only protect your truck car seat from your dog like a cover but also boost them up and keeps them safe. The seat includes an adjustable security leash so that you can clip their harness in.  

Another great feature about this is that it allows your smaller dogs to see out the windows.  This can help them avoid scratching up your truck door and center consoles.  

FAQ – Dog Cover For Truck

What is A Hammock Style Dog Cover?

A hammock style dog cover is for the back seat of your truck or car that extends the full width of the bench seats. 

What makes this a great style for a cover is that it covers all four sides of your truck’s rear seat area to protect the upholstery and seats from a jumpy dog. Some dogs like to constantly check their surroundings and so they will scratch and jump everywhere.  The Hammock cover is best for these types of dogs. 

Dog Leash For Car

While these covers are great for protecting your truck don’t forget to protect your pup! Your dog experiences hard stops and accidents even worse than use because the trucks are not designed for them. 

A leash that connects to the headrest or the belt buckle is best for them to avoid getting any major injuries.  If you can a leash that has some stretch to it is better than static leashes so that it can absorb some of the energy during a crash.  It is also best to have your dog on a harness so the force of an accident isn’t transferred to their neck.  

Here are some great examples of those leashes and harnesses. 

How to Safely Drive With a Dog

According to AAA more than 80% of dog lovers drive with their dogs in their vehicle. Check out this website from that discusses some interesting stats to put your pet’s safety into perspective.

Many accidents are caused by distractions to the driver so you can imagine that many accidents that include dogs could be a result of the dog doing something that caused the driver to take their eyes off the road.

Here are some helpful tips for driving with a dog:

  1. Put a leash on your dog not only for their safety but for yours as well.
  2. Do not allow your dog to sit on your lap no matter how small they are. If they were to fall down below your fit and get in the way of your brakes or gas that could result in an accident. Also having them sitting in front of the wheel is a distraction and limits your contact with the wheel.
  3. If you can let your dog sit in the back where they are safest.

Dog Cover for Truck Wrap Up!

Now that we have provided some great options you can live a little more stress-free from knowing that your truck is protected.  It is going to be great to have a little protection from all the messes that can come from your furry friend. 

If you ever decide to sell your vehicle or need to trade it in you will know that you won’t get dinged by having an interior that was damaged by your dog. 

Our top product to protect your truck is going to be the URPOWER dog seat cover. While not only being a top seller it also has great reviews and provides protection for all four sides of the back seat of your truck. Check out the amazon link below to see more photos from actual owners.