Best LED Headlights for Jeep Wrangler JL

Last Updated on April 7, 2023 by Paul S.

Trying to light up the darkness with LEDs when you’re out in the Wrangler JL on the trail?  Not only do LED shine brighter than halogen headlights but they typically last longer, use less of your precious Jeep battery, and have a great color to them that make your vehicle stand out amongst the crowd.  You can also buy LEDs that change color that can transform the vibe of your campground!

If you don’t have time to read the entire review, then we have provided a link to our best of the best pick below.  It is the Kiwi Master 9 inch LED headlight.  It was chosen as the top pick because of its overall reviews, the daytime running lights, and its overall price.  The headlight is 9 inches which will fit your Wrangler JL without needing extra attachments.  

If you want to learn a little bit about some more LED options for your Wrangler then read on as we will cover the best products and what to look out for when purchasing them.

Reviews for Jeep Wrangler JK LED Headlights

Kiwi Master 9 Inch LED Headlights

The Kiwi Master boasts 6000LM for low beams and 12000 LM for high beams in an aluminum base housing and polycarbonate lens that offers a waterproof rating of IP68.  The manufacturer states it has an estimated lifespan of 100,000 hrs. 

Another feature is that it comes with the popular Halo daytime running lights which are a cool feature that makes you stand out from the crowd of stock Jeeps.

These LED lights are compatible with the Jeep Wrangler JL and the Gladiator JT.

Many reviews mention that installation is a breeze unless you need to set up the daytime running lights. 


  • The temperature of the light is not provided
  • If you have a sport or a sport S the daytime running lights will require more work but there are videos that can help the process.

COWONE 9” RGB Halo LED Headlights

Now, these headlights are exciting because they have the ability to show 121 flashing functions of all the colors in the color wheel.  This feature would be great if you’re into showing off at the campground or going for a fun ride on a trail. 

The DOT-certified LED headlights offer 4500LM on low beam and 7500LM on high beam.  The temperature of the bulbs is 6500K.  The lights come in a black aluminum housing and come with a breather valve to avoid fogging.

These are 9-inch LEDs that will be compatible with your JL Wrangler.  They will also fit the Gladiator JT. 

Please note that you most likely cannot drive with your colored LED lights on per your state’s laws so be sure to shut those off once you get back to public roads!


  • While rated highly on Amazon there were many comments regarding installation of the turn indicators due to the lack of instructions.  It was mentioned that the headlight was plug and play but the turn indicators were not.  There are videos to help with installation that can be found online.
  • After installation the app will need to be referenced to finalize the setting.  Some people had issues with the lights due to user error and not downloading and checking the app.
  • These are the most expensive LED headlights on the list but for what it offers it’s a great price.  If you want premium RB LED lights then you could be looking at twice the cost!

Bunker Indust 9” LED Headlights

The Bunker Indust 9” headlights are shock-proof, rust-proof, and water-proof (IP68) and have a life span estimated to be at 50,000 hrs.  They are made of die-cast aluminum, are sealed, and the lens is polycarbonate.  The lumens for this headlight are 12,000 LM for the high beam and 6,000 LM for the low beam and they have a color temperature of 6000K.  They also come with a halo daytime running light.

This headlight for the JL does not require a bracket like some aftermarket headlights do which makes it for an easy installation.  There are many reviews that back up the claims of an easy install and some even mention that it was very plug and play. 

From some reviews, there are some instances of having a defective product but there were no issues with returning them and getting a replacement so that is great for peace of mind when ordering.

These lights work for the Wrangler 2018-2021 JL and the JT (Gladiator).


  • There is a lack of instructions that come with the product but there are plenty of videos to help with installation if you look up the name of the headlight.
  • It does not include an allen key or a fuse tap to help with the installation.  The allen key can be found at any DIY store and the fuse tap can be found on amazon. 
  • There were some cases of a faulty products, but it does seem that the seller is quick to fix and help out.

Audexen 7 Inch LED Headlight Dot Approved

These LED lights are manufactured with a tough die-cast aluminum housing and provide 3,000 LM at low beam and 6,000 at high beam with a color temperature of 6000k.  They are DOT certified and provide waterproof housing with a 60,000-hour lifespan.  They also have a waterproof rating of IP67.

The lights are stated to be easy to install and plug and play but some of the comments were mixed. There were folks that mentioned it was a breeze and then there were comments that installation was a little tough for them.

The reviews on amazon on the light are excellent.  People did mention that they were made in China so the quality was lower than say from a company like Mopar, but they are also cheaper by over 4 times.  Most of the reviews were happy with the cost and the quality. These lights are compatible with the Wrangler JK 2008-2014, and the Wrangler JL 2018-2021.  The JL will require a purchase of a JL bracket or simply purchase the other item below as it is their new headlight for the JL.


  • Quality is lower than a high-quality product like Mopar, but it is a way cheaper option while providing an updated look.
  • For installation for the JL you will need to purchase a bracket. Or you can select the more expensive JL headlight that the company manufacturers. 
  • If you are purchasing for another earlier Jeep model be sure to check their notice on what is required for specific models as some work may need to be done to certain parts of the light or other parts may be required.

For those of you that would rather have the 9 inch headlights we have provided them below:

LX-Light 7” Round Black Cree LED

The LX-Light 7” is an LED headlight that offers 3,200 LM for the low beams and 4,500 LM for the high beams in an aluminum housing with a color temperature of 6000K.  The polycarbonate lends is anti-fog and hard coated to avoid cracking and to avoid UV damage.  It has a waterproof rating of IP67.

The manufacturer states that the headlight is DOT approved to meet the federal motor safety standards and the LED light has an estimated 80,000 hours of life expectancy. 

The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty, and the price can’t be beat compared to the other LED lights in this review.  The blackout housing offers a look that many purchasers loved and is probably one of the reasons why it’s so highly rated on Amazon.

These will work for your Wrangler JL, but you will need to add an adapter.  They also work for the JK from 2007 to 2018. There were some reviews, that depending on your model, installation could be difficult due to requiring some work on the housing to get it to fit correctly but others have mentioned that they were installed with no issue.


  • The lumens are the lowest on this list and is most likely one of the reasons why the price is lower than the others.
  • Installation could be a little more difficult if you are not handy but it depends on your generation/model. 

Jeep Wrangler JL LED Headlight Comparison Table

Daytime Halos Low/High Beam (Lumens/LM)Bracket NeededIP RatingColor modes
Kiwi Master 9 Inch HaloYes6000/12000No68No
COWONE 9 Inch RGB HaloYes4500/7500No67Yes
Bunker Indust 9 InchYes6000/12000No68No
Audexen 7 Inch Yes3000/6000Yes67No
LX-Light 7 InchNo3200/4500Yes67No

What To Look For When Purchasing A LED Headlight For Your Jeep Wrangler JL?


The lumens value provided for the high beams and low beams for each product describes the amount of light emitted by the headlight.  The higher the value the brighter the light.  For halogen lights that typically come with vehicles their value in lumen is 700 for low beams and 1200 for high beams.  Brightness is one of the reasons why many people want to switch to LEDs.  With LEDs, you can achieve 4,000 to 6,000 lumens.  

DOT Certification

DOT stands for the department of transportation.  This certification indicates that the product in question has been certified to comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS).  FMVSS is the standard in the USA that motor vehicles and motor vehicle components need to comply with.   

As discovered in our research not many products are truly DOT compliant so you could run the risk of installing LED lights that could be deemed illegal by your state.

LED IP Rating Description

An IP rating was provided for each product review. IP stands for Ingress protection and it is a rating for the protection an LED light will have against solid objects like dust and dirt and liquids.  The IP consists of 2 numbers with the first number providing a rating for solid objects.  The second number is a rating for liquids.

The first number for solids ranks from 0 to 6, with 0 standing for no protection and 6 for not even allowing dust in.  The second number is from 0 to 8, with 0 standing for no protection and 8 standing for protection against submersion in water up to 13 feet.

It should be understood that this rating is for the LED bulb itself and not for the entire vehicle light housing.

Color Temperature Description

Every light bulb has a color temperature measured in Kelvin or K that helps in the description of the light the bulb displays to our eyes and how it will make us feel.  The following is a general description of the ratings:

2000K to 3000K is a warm white light that appears orange to yellow-white in the way it appears to us.

3000K to 4500K can be referred to as a cool white or bright white that tends to appear like the mid-day light you get outside. 

Anything above 4500K can be referred to as cool white to a blue/white. This light tends to be used in spaces where the brightest light is required.

Having a high kelvin number for headlights tends to aid us to find our way in the dark on trails or the highway.

Here is more information regarding lumens at  It has a great scale that helps show you the range of color per Kelvin.


Updating your headlights to LEDs will help you see in the dark on the trail a lot better than the stock halogen lights that your Wrangler comes with.  They will increase your lumens and change your color temperature to something that aids in your sight distance as well as makes your vehicle stand out.

Overall, our top pick is the Kiwi Master 9 Inch LED because the reviews are great on amazon, they came with the halo daytime running lights and they are 9-inches which fit the Jeep Wrangler JL without needing many extra parts for the install!