Best Front Bumper For The Jeep Gladiator

Last Updated on February 4, 2023 by Paul S.

Is your plastic bumper not cutting it for you anymore?  We are going to review the top front bumpers for the Jeep Gladiator.  Whether you want it for the trail or just looking better on the road this article covers some of the best you can find on Amazon.

An after market front bumper is going to be made of steel, providing more recovery points, the option to add more accessories, and better trail protection.  Compare that to your plastic bumper and there is no question which one is better.

One issue that we come across is the number of bumpers to choose from.  In this article we have already done the work for you and researched, reviewed, and assembled the best front bumpers.

If you are in a hurry, then we have provided the best front bumper for the Gladiator below that you can check out.  This bumper made the top of the list due to its price, robustness, and overall reviews.  If you don’t want to break the bank for a bumper that you are going to thrash anyways, the Smittybilt front bumper is right for your Gladiator.  Check out the link below to check out the price.

If you have a minute please read on to learn more about what other bumpers are out there that may fit your Gladiator’s needs and also learn a little more about what to look out for in front bumpers.

Jeep Gladiator Front Bumper Reviews

Smittybilt Front Bumper

This mid width bumper is made of 3/16 inch cold rolled steel and has a two stage textured black powder coat to take on the harsh conditions of the road and trail.  The bumper comes with a stinger bar that is directly welded to the bumper.  The stinger bar even has two tabs for additional light attachments.

Here are some other features:

  • The bumper can accommodate a 12,000 lb winch
  • D-ring mounts are welded inside and out to provide a strong connection
  • Not the cheapest on the list but it is very economical for such a robust bumper


  • No location for fog lights to be installed
  • Heaviest on the list.  Solo installation will be more difficult than the others due to weight.  The weight is due to the robustness of the bumper.

Rugged Ridge HD Bumper Full Width

A full width bumper that will allow the gladiator to tackle the more aggressive trails due to its minimal design.  This bumper is made out of black powder coated 2.5 mm alloy steel and is one of the lighter bumpers even though it is full width.

Here are some more attributes for this bumper:

  • The tow hooks have pre-drilled holes that accept ¾ inch and 7/8 inch D-shackles.
  • The built in winch plate is capable of a 12,000 lb winch and sits nestled in your bumper, almost hidden.  The winch you provide will have proper clearances to assist in a proper recovery.
  • Reviews mentioned installation was a breeze for the Jeep Gladiator
  • 5-year limited warranty with Rugged Ridge


  • Stinger bar is sold separately.  Do not pay attention to some of the photos on sites that show otherwise.
  • If you want huge tires and full flex this bumper might not be for you because it is a full width bumper.

Tyger Auto Fury Short Stubby Front Bumper

Tyger Auto’s stubby bumper is manufactured with 5mm or 13/64 inch carbon steel and powder coated black for protection against the elements.  The bumper includes an integrated winch plate, welded D-ring mounts, a license plate bracket, and hardware for your stock fog light installation.

Remember that this is a stubby bumper, so it only covers the front grill and does not extend towards the tires.  This is great for off-roading on difficult trails and allows the tires to articulate and flex.

Installation is made to be bolt on with no drilling required.  They have also provided a video for installation on the amazon page which is helpful and time saving. 

For all US based customers, there is a 5-year warranty on the bumper.


  • Factory splash guard and skid plate must be removed for installation and cannot be reinstalled.
  • Ratings are not provided by the manufacturer for the winch mount nor the d-rings but reviewers have stated that the shackle tabs are rated for 4.5 tons and that a winch rated at 10,000 lbs has been used with the bumper.

Rugged Ridge Stubby Bumper

This is Rugged Ridge’s stubby bumper.  It is similar to the Rugged Ridge’s full width bumper mentioned above.

It is manufactured with high strength 2.55 mm steel that comes with built in jack lifting points, tow hooks, and locations for your stock fog lights.

A perk for buying from Rugged Ridge is that you will be covered by an industry leading 5 year warranty!

Here are some other features we found:

  • Black powder coat finish
  • ¼” winch plate reinforced into the frame.
  • Your winch can sit partially inside the bumper depending on the winch you select.
  • Reviews mention that installation was easy. One comment even said it took longer to unbox the bumper than to do the actual install!
  • The tow hooks have pre-drilled holes that accept ¾ inch and 7/8 inch D-shackles.
  • Because it’s a stubby it offers great clearances and full range movement of your oversized ties.
  • Great for drivers that want to take their Gladiator on difficult trails


  • The striker bar does not come with the bumper.  Photos may show a different model so do not be confused by that.
  • Some JL reviewers mention the stock fog lights might not fit.  But many gladiator reviewers did not mention this.
  • Does not provide the capacity of the winch the bumper can handle. 

EAG Stubby Front Bumper

This is another stubby bumper and it is built with 5/32 inch powder coated steel.  It comes with shackle mounts, two 4.75 ton D-ring shackles, and pre-machined fog light holes.

Here is a list of other great features:

  • Stinger Bar is welded to the bumper
  • Provides a bolt pattern at the winch location
  • Perfect for difficult trails
  • Winch location is reinforced at the bumper
  • The bumper can accommodate a max 12,000 lb capacity winch
  • Some reviews mentioned install instructions were the best they have seen
    • Bolts right onto the Jeep Gladiator


  • Fog light installation could be tricky.  One reviewer mentioned installing fog lights prior to installing the bumper.

EAG Full Width Front Bumper

This EAG model is a full width 5/32 inch steel bumper that will extend to almost the width of your tires.  It is built with alloy steel and texture powder coated black and directly bolts onto your Jeep Gladiator.

The bumper includes two D-ring mounts with two D-rings rated at 9,500 lbs and a winch plate that is capable of supporting a 12,000 lb rated winch.  A winch on this bumper will sit nestled into the bumper which provides a little protection for it.  There are pre-machined holes that will work for your OE fog lights and it also has two tabs for the mounting of more lights.

Since this bumper is full width it is going to offer a little more protection than the stubby and mid width bumpers on our list!


  • This is a really pricey bumper on the list but with extra attention to detail around the winch and fog lights it could be argued that it is justified. 
  • The stinger bar is not welded to the frame of the bumper.

Jeep Gladiator Front Bumper Comparison Table

Weight (lbs)Type of SteelWidthCompatible with OE Fog LightInstallation E-easy, H-hard, D-Difficult
Smittybilt Front Bumper106.8NAMidNo(H) due to weightCheck Price On Amazon
Rugged Ridge HD Bumper55AlloyFullYesECheck Price On Amazon
Tyger Auto Fury Stubby70.90CarbonStubbyYesECheck Price On Amazon
Rugged Ridge Stubby Bumper45Alloy SteelStubbyYesECheck Price On Amazon
EAG Stubby Front Bumper81.13AlloyStubbyNo(H) due to weightCheck Price On Amazon
EAG Full Width Front Bumper92.48AlloyFullYes(H)due to weightCheck Price On Amazon

What to look for when purchasing a Front Bumper?

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a must for your after-market bumpers.  It is a dry finish application that protects your bumper from the extreme elements it will experience from UV rays to deicing agents.  It is far more durable than any liquid paint can be.

Full Width vs Mid width vs Stubby Bumpers

These three sizes are indications of the protection they are going to offer your Jeep Wrangler JL and the capability when you go off-road. Here is a quick rundown of each width.

Full Width Bumpers

  • The full width bumper provides the most protection for your vehicle as it stretches from fender flare to fender flare. 
  • They can limit your rig’s ability on the trail in terms of approaching larger obstacles and tire flex/articulation. 

Mid Width Bumpers

  • Mid width bumpers provide protection for the grill and out towards the inside of the fender flares. 
  • This is a good in-between option as it provides great protection while not limiting your tires or tackling aggressive trails.

Stubby Bumpers

  • These bumpers typically do not extend past the grill area of your Jeep. The protection is lacking for your tires, fenders, and suspension area but it will be a lighter bumper. 
  • But with these small bumpers comes great adventures as there are less of a chance for tire interference, fewer issues with difficult trails, and less material for things to get stuck on.

So, you can choose which style you like the best.  If you only take your heavily moded Jeep off-road and tackle difficult trails and are not concerned with protection, then a stubby bumper may be for you.  If you tackle trails a lot while also commuting, then the mid-width may be best to get the best of both worlds.  Then if you want full protection of your vehicle the full width bumper is most likely best. 

Price Difference Between These Bumpers And Higher End Bumpers

Some of these bumpers are on the lower end of the price range for steel after-market bumpers.  Many of the higher end bumpers aren’t even carried by certain sites.  The higher end bumpers could cost sometimes 4 to 5 times the amount.  Expectations should be realistic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great looking rig while having more money to spend on other mods!


Your new front bumper is going to look great on your Gladiator but also provide your rig the ability to get out of sticky situations.  Not only is the front bumper you choose from the list a lot stronger than the plastic stock bumpers but there are add ons to the bumpers you can do as well.

All of our research lead us to the top pick of the list, the Smittybilt front bumper.  Not only is the price great for the budget minded, but is robust enough to take a beating on the trail.  It is also a mid width bumper to not limit you as much as full width bumper would on the trail but also provides a little more protection than a stubby!  Check out the link below for price information.

Look good play good and you will definitely do that out on the trail with this bumper!